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                   Empowering Families for Success Workshops

  “Empowering Families for Success”

Presented by FEMI


What:  An ongoing series of workshops and seminars geared toward all members and facets of family life.


These workshops and seminars will deal with married life, how to live single and successful, parenting children of all ages including the adult child, Grand parenting, Pre-Married, 24/7 Dad fatherhood initiative, the blended family, parenting when divorce or unmarried.


We call them workshops because attendees will be expected to participate and work on the issues presented.  Whether a person is married, single or thinking about being married or never being married, these sessions are for you.

        Marriage Matters Caf'e - See Calendar of events for schedule

                              Do you or your family need counseling?

      contact the church at 330-913-7007 or email