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Welcome to
Family Empowerment Ministries Inc. a 501c3 organization
                   "Uniting and Strengthening the Family"!    


Family Empowerment Ministries Inc.

FEMI is a faith based 501c3 community organization providing services that will empower families and individuals .  Our services help individuals obtain job and life skills needed to be positive contributors to society.  FEMI’s Family Matters Conferences & Seminars and one on one life coaching and counseling serves those who are married, single adults, children and families. 

To volunteer click on the contact tab.                              

Family Conferences and Seminars to include marriage and family retreats:  Thousand have experienced our conferences, seminars and workshops over the years by attending events or via televison.  These events include teachings on marriage matters, managing the blended family, living single and satisfied, parent matters, health and wellness, men matters, women matters and money matters.  In addition to the above we conduct private marriage counseling/advising sessions with couples bi-weekly.     

Counseling: We have been providing counseling to couples and families for more than 25 years.  We believe that it is to the benefit of families and the community to help families stay together.  Our counseling will give them the tools to have a successful family life.  To schedule an appointment click on the contacts link.


Youth Outreach: After school tutoring, cooking classes (sing for your supper), sex education from an abstinence perspective, conflict resolution techniques, assistance with instruments for school band through a instrument loan program, provide sports registration sponsorship for low income and at risk youth and families, youth leadership training.  Bully education and prevention program called “One Less Bully, One More Friend” and an after school STEM arts tutoring program.


24/7 Dad Fatherhood Initiative Program:  This program is conducted using the curriculum and support materials of The National Fatherhood Initiative. The subjects covered in the program include; Family origin, masculinity, understanding yourself, handling and expressing emotions, spirituality, physical and mental health, fathering and family roles, discipline, rewards and punishment, expectations and child development, balancing work and family, getting involved with your children.  



So You Call Yourself A Leader: Lunch with A Leader Mentoring Program (LWL): What is LWL? It's a mentoring program with a twist. The program is geared toward high school students at Alliance High School (AHS).  The students meet in a small group setting during lunch twice a month with local leaders to talk about subjects such as: Integrity, character, peer pressure, accountability, leadership, time management, planning etc. Additionally all students are assigned an individual mentor to help guide them toward success.  There are also scholarship opportunities and field trips to local businesses.


FEMI Briefing
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To Schedule services please contact us at:


Phone: 330-913-7007