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Family Matters with Raymont and Brenda Johnson
Now we are on television locally in Alliance Ohio.
Tune in to Channel 11 Time Warner Cable
See the Friday Alliance Review for weekly schedule

Click on link below to view full episodes. 
Producer is solely responsible for content of these programs.
 All shows were produced  through the facilities of Prince Georges Community Access Television 
All video is copyright of FEMI Productions!
Use without permission of producer is prohibited!
1.  Family Matters - Parenting - Ray talks about parent issues concerning children of all ages at a recent Empowering Families for Success workshop. 
2.  Family Matters - Family.  Raymont and Brenda talk about the importance of family.   

3.  Family Matters - Jazzercise.  Brenda interviewing Ewaynia Higgins-Lendo about Jazzercise.

4.  Family Matters - Mother Edith Hines testimony.  From death to life. A testimony about the miracle working power of God

5.  Family Matters Fighting Fair.  Every relationship has disagreements.  Learn some tips on how to fight were the relationship wins, not an individual.

6.  Family Matters - Men Matters - An interview and discussion with Eric Cooper and Lawrence Taylor concerning Erics' latest book "Daddy I Miss You"

7.  Family Matters - Financial Matters - Eric Cooper talks about important financial issues to include insurance and our attitude and mind set concerning finances

8.  Family Matters - Charlie Grant and Dr. Williams - Talk about economic youth empowerment and education.

9.  Family Matters - Marriage Matters part 1 - Ray and Brenda teach about marriage and relationship priority, pursuit, purity and possession part one. 

10.  Family Matters - Marriage Matters part 2 - Ray and Brenda teach about marriage and relationship priority, pursuit, purity and possession part two.
11Family Matters - Deafness in a Hearing World - Danita Brooks talks about the many dynamics the deaf face in this hearing world.

12.  Family Matters - Circle of Champions - Bob Yates talks about breaking free of the job market and becoming your own boss

13.  Family Matters Bolling AFB Gospel Choir 30th Anniversary celebration - interviews with choir leaders.   

14.  Family Matters - Tiffany "K" Edmond's - Interview with Psalmist she talks about her gospel singing career, new release and  and future aspirations. 

15.  Johnson and Nicholson family Thanksgiving 2011 -

16.  Family Matters - Pastors Family Priorities - A Pastors retreat where Raymont and Brenda talked about family and marriage Priorities.

17.  Family Matters - Raymont talks about new book -

18. Family Matters - Raymont talks about walking in your purpose and managing the blended family

19.  Woman Matters - Brenda discusses priorities and focus for women

20.  Marriage Matters - The Olivers of It Takes Three Marriage Ministries discuss keys to a successful marriage.

       part one      part two