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I am excited to announce that my book has been published, order your copy today!  
Paperback $11.99 E-Book $5.99 
ISBN # 978162230909
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Whether it’s a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a fortune 500 company, a manager in a local factory or office, a teacher in a classroom or raising a family, one essential skill required is effective leadership.  There have been countless books written on the subject of leadership.  What I’ve learned over my nearly 35 years as a leader, manager, business owner and educator, is if a person wants to maximize their effectiveness, they should identify two things.  First they must identify their leadership style or philosophy and secondly they must decide if that style is effective for their current situation.  If it is, how do I develop those skills further?  If it isn’t how do I identify the appropriate style needed?  This guide will help you answer those questions and more.  This guide will also give you ideas on how to apply the appropriate leadership style within your family at different stages.     



Book Excerpt



Turning Butter Knives into Screwdrivers and Shoes into Hammers!

I want to start with a story! What am I talking about when I say turn butter knives into screwdrivers and shoes into hammers! Let me tell you a little bit about my life. Many of you will be able to relate to this story. I grew up very poor, the youngest of eight. Until I was in the second grade we lived in what you would call the country. A little town in Ohio called Alliance. We were so poor we only had running water in the kitchen and had to go to an outhouse (outdoor bathroom) out back to use the toilet. Another thing I remember about those days is sometimes we would have things break that needed a screwdriver or a hammer in order to fix them. We didn’t own any tools, so when we needed a screw driver we would get a butter knife and use it as a screwdriver. My late mother (Melissa Johnson) would get upset with us for bending up all of the butter knives. When we needed a hammer we would take off our shoe or find a show with a hard sole to use as a hammer. I’m sure this brings back some memories for many of you. Now I have all of the modern tools I need to fix whatever I need to fix. Here’s the issue, when an opportunity comes up that requires tools I can still chose to ignore the fact that I have the proper tools and take off my shoe or reach into the drawer and get a butter knife. An effective leader motivates employees or subordinates to always pick up the proper tool to complete the job in the manner it should be completed.

When you know that a person has been properly trained but refuses to use those tools, you have to make the decision to add by subtraction. That means get rid of those who will not use the proper tools and hire someone that will. Sometimes that’s just how it is, we can’t win them all but we must try to win as many as possible. One of the most expensive things a company can do is to train new employees. The most effective companies limit turnover by developing happy will trained employees who want to come to work every day and give their best.

Using those unconventional methods would sometimes allow us to get the job done. They weren’t done correctly but we got it done. Leaders must understand when they don’t give subordinates the training (proper tools) they need to do what’s asked of them, it’s just like asking them to use shoes and butter knives. As a leader it is your responsibility to make sure, firstly that you have the proper tools needed and secondly that your subordinates have the proper tools needed to accomplish the assigned task. It’s the employee’s responsibility to chose to use those tools when they get ready to complete a task. In order to do this the head leader, and every level of management down to the first line supervisor, must understand their leadership style, and how to apply that style effectively to each employee, which will allow them to maximize their potential, resulting in maximum effectiveness for the organization.


To read more order your copy today!